U-19 World Team?

Any posts on the Under 19's World Games in here please.

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U-19 World Team?

Postby orange05 Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:19 pm

Some contenders:

G - Donville CAN, Hill IRO
D - George IRO, D'agostino USA, Searle CAN, McDermott CAN
M - Tucker USA, Staats IRO, Berg CAN, Pontrello USA, Thompson IRO, King CAN
A - O'Connor CAN, Kavanagh USA, Oakes IRO, Evans CAN

Who makes your team?
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Re: U-19 World Team?

Postby Wacs10 Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:08 pm

What I can remember!

Hill - Iroquois

Jahelka - USA

Thompson - Iroquois
Tucker - USA
King - Canada

O'Reilly - Canda
Kavangh - USA
Oakes - Iroquois (should have been Staats I thought)
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Re: U-19 World Team?

Postby UKLaxfan Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:16 pm

Warren Hill - Iroquois Nationals #2

Leo Stouros - Canada #24
Danny McDermott - Canada #26
Steve Jahelka - USA #42

Lyle Thompson - Iroquois #4
Ryan Tucker - USA #2
Jesse King - Canada #43

Reily O'Connor - Canada #9
Matt Kavanagh - USA #25
Seth Oakes - Iroquois #66

Positional Players
G - Warren Hill - Iroquois Nationals #2
D - Danny McDermott - Canada #26
M - Lyle Thompson - Iroquois #4
A - Matt Kavanagh - USA #25

MVP 2012 U19s World Championships

Matt Kavanagh - USA #25

For once I agreed with most of the selections

It was a pleasure to watch Warren Hill play in goal, and I would pay to watch Lyle Thompson play catch in the park

The Iroquois Nationals are the most imaginative, creative players out there and their version of the game is beautiful to watch
It is more Art than sport

Matt Kavanagh #25 USA deserved the MVP as he was unstoppable 1-on-1 and forced Canada to re-scheme their defense and be less aggressive on MDD. Notre Dame should welcome him with open arms.

Jahelka on the Defence is a beast and a Leader on/off the field
McDermott & Stouros handle a Long Pole better than most shorties

There were a number of other exemplary performances but the Face Off Units for the USA had to be seen to be believed
#6 Charlie Raffa (UMD)
#12 Tyler Barbarich
alongside their wingmen
#15 Robert Zoppo
#20 LSM Greg Danseglio
#3 Sean Mahon
#33 Ralph D'Agostino
Rocked my World :D

They totally dominated The Iroquois Nationals & Canada
The intensity and sheer ferociousness with which they hunted down Ground Balls in packs was the best I have ever seen at any level when they beat the Iroquois in the WC-U19 Semi-Final :twisted:

The NCAA will be fun to watch the next 4 years :mrgreen:

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