Is Azeroth good place for living once again?

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Is Azeroth good place for living once again?

Postby markblake Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:00 am

I played WoW since late vanila, through TBC, WotLK until progress of heroic DS in Cata. I stopped to play few months before MoP was released (Because it wasn´t fun for me at all ... for me personaly.). I bought the expansion and because of work, irl issues and so, I have stopped to play week after I´ve level capped my main.
Through the my gaming years I have been pvp bg maniac, pvp arena maniac, pve casual, raiding casual, raiding semi hardcore even true hardcore player (member of "world top 100" type of guilds). I am able to enjoy the game almost any time. My only needs are: vital realm community, appropriate pve content and bearable pvp ballance. Tbh. I found huge flaws in all of these attributes in late Cata, so when I look back, it wasn´t surprise at all that I have quitted to play.

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