Make tabards BoA and use them for rep in Dungeons on alts ...

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Make tabards BoA and use them for rep in Dungeons on alts ...

Postby markblake Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:59 am

It's annoying when you have alts and have to grind rep repeatedly, why not make tabards account bound (add a tab on the same ui as with mounts and companions) and when you hit exalted with a faction and get there Tabard you can equip it on an alt and get their rep via Dungeons (like in Cata) or Dallies, this could also be a better way of giving the extra 50% rep bonus that the commendations give for doing dallies on alts? It would also save bank/void space and make the game more alt friendly. It could also be a nice way to see what tabards you are missing if the ones you haven't got are shown buy greyed out (like the pets)

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