Push to Legends - What to use?

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Push to Legends - What to use?

Postby JoeClark Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:36 am

It's been a while since I made a Push to Titan League and now that my hero grind is finally over (YES!!) I'm mulling over a push to Legends League.

I could use some suggestions on what troop/spell combos are the most reliable for 2 stars on near max level bases after the most recent "balance" update to everyone's defenses.

My wall breaker is in the lab on the way to max and the PEKKA lvl 6 is on deck (for my final lab upgrade), so I don't really need elixir or DE.

I was thinking of a heavy DE army so I can use the excess elixir on walls (242 left on the magmas and 59 left on the Ivories).

Is there a good/reliable DE heavy army to use or is baby-loon zapquake still the way to go?

Thanks for the input!!

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