Minimalist lighting setup for mens' fashion?

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Minimalist lighting setup for mens' fashion?

Postby JoeClark Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:55 pm

I need to do an outdoor mens' fashion shoot, and have limited gear - a 36" umbrella softbox with a grid, a 48" umbrella softbox without, a 36" regular softbox, a little 24" speedlight softbox, and a 28" and 16" beauty dish. As for lights, I've got two speedlights and an AD360. The default simple setup I've seen is to use a large strip box (60"+) perpendicular to the camera on one side, and a softbox 45 degrees to the model and 45 degrees down on the other. Problem is, I haven't got a strip box. I could put the 48" umbrella box back a bit, especially if I put the AD360 in it, but it seems sub-ideal. It's all about the clothes in this one, so big, even lighting is important. Any ideas?

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