Choosing a university based on geographical preferences

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Choosing a university based on geographical preferences

Postby rolandbaker Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:36 pm


I've recently taken the GMAT and am doing my first steps in the research of finding the right university for me to study for my MBA degree.
There's a saying I've kept hearing that it's better to study for an MBA at a university located as close as possible to the place where I would ultimately would like to work. For instance, if I see myself working in Europe, it doesn't make sense to pursue an MBA in the US or Canada (or vice versa). Is it true?
It sounds a bit weird to me given the fact that we live in a very technologically advance world and in my opinion there's no reason that a graduate from a prestigious university won't be sought after by an employer from another continent just because that graduated didn't choose to earn his MBA in an institution in that continent in the first place.

Thanks for answering and helping!

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