Soccer Tips for Playing Better Defense

Advice for all the Defenders? Tips from the coaches. Advice from players.

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Soccer Tips for Playing Better Defense

Postby markblake Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:28 pm

The Role of the Defender
The defender's primary job is to deny penetration by applying pressure and maintaining a good position. Find out the best way to do the job effectively.

The Defense's Most Valuable Weapon

A good soccer team has loud practices.

Sounds odd, but it's true. If a soccer team runs around during scrimmages and the players keep quiet, there's no way they're on the same page. If they aren't on the same page, they will get smoked by a team that is working together come game day.

It's especially true for the defense, which has to deal with opposing attackers constantly shuffling and adjusting strategies on the fly while trying to get behind the defense. The defense's best weapon to combat this is loud voices to keep each other alert to what's going on.

"Communication is the biggest thing," said goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc, who plays for the Canadian national team. "If you can help your defender or midfielder or whoever's next to you by saying 'Hey, you step and you go 100 percent because I have your back,' that lets them go hard rather than go tentatively.

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