Referees micro managing the game

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Referees micro managing the game

Postby jasc Mon May 20, 2013 12:28 am

I have been watching a fair bit of lacrosse this last few weeks, with the Flags weekend, BNC weekend and the play offs this weekend and I have obviousley seen a lot of panel refs in action.
My question is are the refs managing the games or are the players managing the refs ?
It appears to me that on a restart when a player should be five yards back and isn't. Most times he is then asked to give the other player five yards, I feel it is not the refs job to repeat himself several times or even pace out five yards so the defending player knows where he should be, as in one case I have seen.
The players know they should be five yards back but use this as a delaying tactic for the rest of their defense to get organised. If the player is not five yards back at the restart, surely the ref should start play and then throw a flag for illegal procedure.
The same could be said for telling the player to find the stick, If his check is not on the stick or gloves then a flag should be thrown. If they don't know the rules of what is a legal check or not then they should suffer the consequences of a minute to three minute penalty for a slash.
It is the players job to know the rules of the game he is playing and the refs job to enforce the rules, not teach the players as the game goes along.
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Re: Referees micro managing the game

Postby Mort rotu Mon May 20, 2013 5:19 pm

If refs blew up or flagged every minor infraction of the rules then the game becomes very clunky to play or watch. for the sake of making (the play of) the game flow and not getting on the players nerves most refs will let little things slide (99% of the time rightly). but they will seek to make the player aware that they shouldn't expect to get away with it twice, hence the 'on his stick' type warnings on a wayward check. this is known as pro-active ref'ing

whilst it is the players job to know the rules I'll bet most don't know all of them, I don't off the top of my head yet I'm a L1 qualified ref. I know more of them than most players though.

In reality there is only 3 refs (in theory at least, it's normally 1) and 20 players on the pitch, to micro-manage as you've suggested would make the game unplayable and un-ref-able, you'd probably need 1 ref per player :shock: . to answer you're question: a bit of both. Attackers are trying to draw flags for a man up opportunity and defenders are trying not to get caught cheating trying to get the ball/break the attackers. Ref's are trying to spot when the attackers are faking a check to the box(not joking, I've seen it) and when the defenders have been a bit eager (and actually have slap checked the opposing player clean in the nuts, probably saying 'cup-check' as he does so).

that answer the question?
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Re: Referees micro managing the game

Postby qweeta Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:06 am

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