Mixed Lacrosse Rules

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Mixed Lacrosse Rules

Postby S_24_LAX Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:21 pm

Is there a rule book as such? If not as abbreviated version.

Reason for asking us that I am coaching mixed at Univ of Surrey and really don't know the rules. The version on the ELA website is prettyeaningless as it doesn't mention number of players per team or offside.
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Re: Mixed Lacrosse Rules

Postby wimmerlax Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:39 pm

it's essentially women's rules, but no checking and a 5 second possession once you've caught the ball.

think you can only have a max of 5 boys on the pitch at one time, apart from that cant think of any other differences
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Re: Mixed Lacrosse Rules

Postby Tree13 Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:16 am

Mixed is played according to women's rules with a couple of alterations.

Number of players is as per women's: Twelve per team. Maximum number of males on the pitch at any time is six.

Offside rule: As per women's: Four pairs behind restrainer AND keeper cannot cross attack restrainer

No checking AT ALL - accidental = major foul; deliberate = yellow card; repeated = red card

No body contact AT ALL - accidental = major foul; deliberate = yellow card; repeated = red card

5 second possession count: breach = whistle, "Held ball" call, change of possession, restart as per minor foul rule in women's.

Keeper has 8 second possession count inside crease, then a further 5 outside as per a field player

Working knowledge of women's rules is needed to ref mixed, and I have always found Mandy to be very helpful in clarifying mixed rule enquiries.
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Re: Mixed Lacrosse Rules

Postby Knight Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:43 am

I found it to depend on the situation. With regards to fouls that is all correct. But from playing and refereeing at university it varies. Playing college we played straight womens rules, so no 5 second rule but tackling. For the university team we trained with both rules and would depend on the match, generally decided at the start of the match because although the 5sec rule makes sense with regard to guys just running the pitch it completely defeats the object of having any stick skills whatsoever, in my experience with our team at least if we had a choice we would always prefer to play with tackling, whether or not the 5s rule was in place.

For the official rules Tree is correct though, Im assuming you are a guy coaching, if this is the case see if you can nab in any of the womans team. We had some of the american girls up with us help and it makes a huge difference.

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