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Postby laxbutt Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:37 am

Recently I've been finding it a bit hard to cut and I was wondering if there's anything I can do to get free more? Maybe my timing is a bit off. Is there also anything to help improve vision awareness on the pitch? As I find I'm not moving to space enough or moving to the right spaces once I have the ball. Thanks for any help c:
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Re: Cutting?

Postby davidmcculloch81 Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:43 pm

It's all about timing and having a connection with your teammate (feeder). The old addage of cutting when you see the back of your defender's helmet still holds true. If you have a defender who likes to ball-watch a lot then you're in for a field day.

If you are based in the North (UK) and you want to see an expert exponent then watch Ady Bennett (Cheadle) - rarely moves more than a couple of yards at a time but always gets himself free in good shooting positions.
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Re: Cutting?

Postby laxbutt Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:42 pm

Ahh, thank you! That's very helpful c:
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Re: Cutting?

Postby UKLaxfan Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:14 pm

there are lots of ideas on cutting and off ball play in general

cutting is just dodging with out the ball so Change of Direction & Speed can help get separation
deception and guile help, cut when your defender is not looking eg looking to slide or sliding
6 players only one ball so important to learn the skill

there are various types of cuts
Ball Cut
Goal Cut
Fade Cut
Flare Cut
Back Cut
Button Hook
Combination Cut (combo of above)

cuts off picks and screens - using your team mates to get open
cutting in the seams of a zone

To be effective it's not just where you cut but when
timing with team mate who has the ball so you cut when he is ready to feed the ball

most teams don;t spend enough time on the variations of cutting yet spend hours on Ball Cuts
- make drills as realistic as possible
- start simple with no picks or defence
- then add movement and setting of Picks
- then add defenders
- have feeders start stationary, then move onto receiving pass until eventually on the move vs defender

It takes two to tango:
to be successful you need a Cutter + Feeder
not enough time is spent on Feeding/Feeders
build a partnership with a Feeder so you and they can recognise when to make a move

Hopefully eventually get to the point where you can Spot Feed
- pass to a space not a man
- you get open at a Spot exactly when the ball arrives = very difficult to defend

Open vs Not Open
- you have to practice to know how much separation from a defender is needed to complete a Feed
- How hard a Pass can be caught + how accurate?
- Best cutters (off ball players) can catch anything and convert a chance

Catching & Finishing:
then end product is scoring a goal
- the more you Feed cutters the more cuts will be made
- the more you can catch and finish a Feed the more Feeds you will get
Keys to success is to have soft hands and a quick release
- you don't need a powerful shot as a cutter
- accuracy and quickness is more important

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