Video Tutorials?

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Video Tutorials?

Postby Phil Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:06 pm

So I have recently become a Level 1 Qualified Lacrosse Referee - hazaar - and now have the dreaded first few games ahead of me. After taking the course I filled out the ELA feedback form, which asked for recommendations*, but have since thought that video tutorials may be useful and was just looking to see if I was the only one? I only ask as I'm not amazingly confident about going out and refereeing lacrosse games especially when, like many I guess, I have been playing the game for a shorter period of time than those I will be trying to officiate. I just thought these could be an extra recourse to look over the rules and in context too.

I'm not looking for a video showing what a slash or push in the back (etc.) is, but a game realistic period of play in which a series of fouls happen in quick succession, what they are and the correct call at the end - working through the simultaneous foul situations, like we did verbally on the day, but with a visual aid. There are a number of videos out there showing players how to play and what to do, would it be of any use for the ELA to put out similar videos for new, and 'would be', referees?

I'm aware the ELA don't like to make the presentation slide of the course publicly available in case [for when] the rules change and there are then out-of-date rules doing the rounds online, but I wouldn't have thought much that could be in these videos would ever become 'legalised'?

The other option, I guess, is that I just get on with it, go ref some games and 'learn by doing'?

Anyway, thoughts?


*One of the things I found extremely suprising was that we weren't told what questions we got wrong, in the test, so we could go away and look over that relevant material again?!
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Re: Video Tutorials?

Postby buckers_the_great Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:01 pm

One options to get hold of some game footage yourself and just practise making calls (or watching games from the side line as i did almost doing the refereeing alongside the on field ref in your head). You'll know that you have made most of them right/wtrong but if you aren't sure either look back through this section of the forum (i have found it very useful) or just pose a new thread, i have found feedback very helpful.

I was in your postion 12 months ago and have really enjoyed my first year as a zebra. Just stay confident and remember your training, haha!
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Re: Video Tutorials?

Postby angles Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:10 pm

US lacrosse just started series 4 of "You Make the Call" - weekly installments of clips from lacrosse games where you are prompted to decide what the referees should do. Some episodes are more useful than others and occasionally interesting debates arise in the comments section. Obviously as this is US based not everything is relevant to the English game but it is a useful resource nonetheless.

The new episode is here: or search for previous seasons.
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Re: Video Tutorials?

Postby addie Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:08 am

In a game today, one team were certain that "get it in keep it in" was in continuous effect in the final two minutes only for the team that were winning. In other words, as soon as the winning team got the ball in the final 2 minutes, they had to get it over the restrainer and keep it in. I've checked back through the stalling section which makes absolutely no mention of this, but any ideas where this has come from? Is it an American rule?

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