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Tyler Kopp

Postby Moaning Git Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:53 pm

The tragic accident leading to the death of a very talented young American Lacrosse player raises a number of very relevant messages for all players, coaches and clubs.

We must ensure that all protective equipment is worn, and is kept in good order.
All players must be continually reminded about safety, especially when throwing around off the field and without direct supervision.
All coaches and clubs must have adequate first aid training and support.

The safety of our young players is everyone's responsibility and it must be taken seriously. I am sure that everyone in the Lacrosse community sends their thoughts and prayers to Tyler's family.
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Moaning Git
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Re: Tyler Kopp

Postby Moaning Git Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:56 pm

More to think about

Gates, N.Y. --- Thoughts and prayers have remained with Tyler Kopp and his family for the past week. The 12-year-old boy passed away Monday at Strong Hospital. Last Thursday he was struck in the chest with a lacrosse ball during a youth league game at Total Sports Experience on Elmgrove Road in Gates.

In the lacrosse community, thoughts and prayers have also been with the young boy who fired the shot that happened to strike Kopp in the chest.

Very few can understand the unimaginable emotions that boy and his family are feeling. A 2009 study documented just 19 deaths of high school or college age lacrosse players since 1980. Four others suffered cardiac arrest and survived similar circumstances.

Irondequoit happens to be home to one of those families who can relate to this shooter's emotions.

A decade ago, Nate Kerstein was one of many star players on Irondequoit's lacrosse team. By 2004 he was a freshman attending Binghamton on a scholarship.

"My son's a big kid and he can rip the ball and that's pretty much what took him to school to play lacrosse," Alan Kerstein, Nate's father said.

In March of 2004, late in a game against Cornell, Kerstein let one of his famed shots rip. It ended up striking Cornell Senior George Boiardi in the chest. Medics did what they could but Boiardi died hours later.

"Obviously you're not prepared for this," Alan Kerstein recalled. "Nobody knows what the next step is."

Kerstein comforted his son, as did his teammates. A conference call between the Binghamton and Cornell teams was arranged so the players could talk things out and deal with the unexpected emotions of such a tragic event.

Nate Kerstein would later pick up a stick and play a few minutes in his team's next game. He would go on to play out his career, attend law school, and is currently working towards the bar exam.

Kerstein's father is now the president of the Greater Rochester Chapter of US Lacrosse. Over this past week his family's rare and tragic experience was put to use to help another young boy.

"I feel almost a need to just speak because it's a club that nobody wants to belong to," Kerstein said. He told how he had phone conversations with this young shooter's family and met with them for a few hours Tuesday afternoon following Kopp's death.

"The shooter's family--when I spoke to them yesterday, I told them that they're going to see more love from lacrosse people that they don't even know they can expect," Kerstein said. "You can't help but feel guilt, but I really tried to express...and I know he knows, it was just a horrible accident."

Through lacrosse, Kerstein has known Tyler Kopp's family for years. He has remained in touch with them this week, and as the Kopps deal with the passing of Tyler, through Kerstein, the Kopps have passed along their sentiments to the other boy and his family.

"What I knew already (was) that there was no animosity and they just wanted the young man to get the stick back into his hand as soon as he was ready to go and get back out there and play again," Kerstein said of the Kopp Family's compassion. "The lacrosse community is, and I'm tainted, but we're pretty fraternal, and you may go hard on the field but there is a lot of love, even among your heated rivals."

Kerstein recalls how humbled his family was when the parents of George Boiardi reached out to comfort them following their son's death.

In this case, Kerstein described this shooter's family as being "beautiful, beautiful people" with quite a few similarities to the Kopp family.

Kerstein said he has no doubt that the lacrosse community will continue to offer support to both of these families in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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