Help resume training.

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Help resume training.

Postby Minka19 Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:00 am

Hi , im playing mid/attack position. I was playing and trainig +- 1year , and then i needed left this sport becous of lifes problems. But now im soon will resume trainings but still its few months to it. So i would like to ask what drills should i begin to get back in lacrosse?

What i remember from trainigs ir drils on wall x times one hand and then other hand. Many different styles cross catch and more. I have start running withs my stick and ball to get use to my stick again and gloves. Maybe you guys/girls could give me some tips what i could do more ?

And yes i cant do partner training only solo. Becous in Latvia lacrosse not realy popular and in my city im maybe only one who know what is lacrosse :D

And have do i practice shoting drills ? If i dont have net. But i think about home made just to practise shoting and accuracy.

P.S sorry if i made some gramer mistake :P

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