England v USA

Any posts on the Under 19's World Games in here please.

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Re: England v USA

Postby cjlax Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:35 am

Just_LAX_17 wrote:Sounds like the lads are playing their hearts out...

Actually being in Finland, I would hope you can confirm that they are!

There's been some great lacrosse throughout the tournament and some of the plays and moves were amazing (the only shame has been the quality of the video streams).

England have battled hard and played well, given the standard they have been playing against. It can only make you better players for the future! All the best for the rest of the tournament.

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Re: England v USA

Postby Moaning Git Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:46 pm

I am glad to see the support for our team. My point was that comparing them to teams past is not supportive nor is it constructive. They all have access to these posts and do not need to see the discension from their country men. When the games are over it is fair to compare and contrast successes and failures. Until then these lads are still writing their own legacies.

Far better put than the first posting, and worthy of response. First of all it was not me that started or engaged in that discussion about other squads. Second, I have not seen any failures from this England U19s, I will not start any debate about relative strengths and pretourney expectations, but everyone I know hoped they would do well, and they have. The victory against Australia was brilliant, and a credit to the coaches as well as the players.

We are now hoping for a stomping victory against the Czechs, who will be no push over, and another Box based approach v full field clash. Win that and we can rightly claim to be best in Europe, which is no small achievement.

Then the big clash against Canada!

You will not have seen the comments posted online during games, but the Aussie fans are stinging about their defeat blaming everyone from the refs to.... well the refs... the one thing they are not doing is admitting that on the day thebest team won.

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