Beardstown Community Unit School District

Any posts on the Under 19's World Games in here please.

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Beardstown Community Unit School District

Postby victorgrant Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:45 am

I know it’s your place and you can do what you want but how in the WORLD can you get away with charging to get into softball and baseball games. I have been to many, many games across the state High School and College baseball and softball never paid to get in. How do you get to do it?

Basically I’m just curious why you charge when no one else does?
I know you charge for Softball as well. I would like to know who else charges around the state?

We should get a list going. Heads up if you’re going to Beardstown for baseball or softball better take GATE money! I know when post season comes that IHSA makes you pay I am just talking about regular season here!

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