how to cradle?

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how to cradle?

Postby victorgrant Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:30 am

i've noticed that when I shoot I still grip hard with my left hand on the bottom of the stick. and when I cradle on the run i use both hands. i never thought that there was anything wrong with this until recently. I was watching this video (posted below) and the guy in it was saying to cradle predominantly with your top hand and use the bottom hand only to guide. That got me thinking.. have I been cradling wrong this whole time. Is your top hand suppossed to do ALl of the work, even when you shoot? ive noticed players like joel white (who have amazing handles) and it seems like they do it this way? so I need some help guys, have I been doing it wrong this whole time? any tips suggestions? how do you do it?

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