Junior referees pilot

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Junior referees pilot

Postby Moaning Git Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:26 pm

Junior Referees Course

You may recall that the MPC endorsed the proposal to introduce a Junior Referees course to help address the problems faced by the sport in finding competent referees at junior and senior level. In a nutshell the proposal was that young people aged 14 – 16 undergo a specially designed course to enhance their understanding of men’s field refereeing. The learning will make the attendees aware of: the role and duties of the referee, the main points of the rules, and practical application of the rules and mechanics in a game situation.

It is hoped that an official course would enable the attendee to be able to act as assistant refs under the guidance of a qualified referee at junior events, receiving mentor support and assessment, so at the age of 16 so long as they have met the required standard they would receive a basic referees qualification. The exact process would be ratified at Juniors’ and Schools off a proposal from R&R.

After a series of online discussions, in consultation with ELA and R&R, Stockport Lacrosse Club will run a course on the 17/18thAugust as a pilot exercise. Young people will receive a certificate of attendance from Stockport Lacrosse and it is hoped that the Referees and Rules will provide a suitable test paper for candidates.

The format of the course will be part group based learning, with practical game based mentoring. Delivery will be currently by three qualified and experienced referees including one with International experience. The course will be free. Candidates are requested to bring their playing gear to take part in the practical sessions. The courses will begin at 10am and finish around 4pm each day. Candidates should bring their own packed lunches, snacks and drinks.
This is not an official ELA course, however the full details have been submitted to ELA and they are willing that it should be run as a pilot to assist in the future development of a formal accredited Youth Refereeing Award.

If you have any young people who would like to take part in this pilot course please email john Sharples at and he will forward a registration form.

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