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SEMLA Fixtures, Promotion, Relegation etc

Postby Chilli Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:08 pm

Guidance from Jon Cooper, Fixture Secretary

Fixture list for season 2013/2014

The draft fixture list was issued in June and after comments from clubs the final fixture list was sent out in July.

A revised West Two division was issued with the late inclusion of Bath’s third team.

Where Flags matches are postponed because of the weather the teams involved need to arrange a date prior to the date of the next round. Flags matches do not take priority over League matches and any unplayed games will count as void.

Promotion / Relegation
Depending on the introduction of new clubs in the East then promotion and relegation will be as described below. However, the intention is that next season East Two and East Three should be evened up and it may warrant relegating one additional team.

Relegation from West division One, East division One & East division Two will be 2 down. No relegation from West Two or East Three.
Promotion from West division Two, East division Two & East division Three will be 2 up.
Promotion from West division One and East division One will be the play off system as last season.
Relegation from the Premiership will be the same as last season.

What to do if you can’t make your fixtures
The fixture list is really full for some divisions (especially East One & West Two) because there are 9 or 11 teams in those divisions. This will make it really difficult to find alternative dates for postponed matches.

If any club is unable to make any fixtures then they have 3 options:
1. Concede the match
2. Agree with the opponent to rearrange the fixture
3. Agree to play the reverse for double points.
All changes must be agreed with both teams prior to the match.

If the first fixture between 2 teams is postponed due to bad weather, or unplayable pitches, then the reverse fixture later in the season will be played for double points, unless either team objects to this. Where clubs do not want to play the reverse for double points then the responsibility for rearranging matches lies solely with the clubs involved. Only if no agreement can be reached and 4 weeks has lapsed then the affected clubs may refer the rearrangement to the Fixtures Secretary, who will have absolute authority to decide the date of the rearranged match.
Teams wishing to play separate fixtures must advise their opponents and the Fixtures Secretary in plenty of time before they are next due to play.

Where the first fixture is played but the reverse fixture is postponed due to the weather then this game will not count unless it is rearranged and played.

This season appeals over disputed results and ineligible players will be dealt with by the Disciplinary and Complaints committee.

If you are unable to fulfill your fixtures please give as much notice as possible to your opponents.

Getting results
I can do the results on a Saturday night IF YOU SEND ME YOUR RESULTS!!!!!

Text results line number is 07977-130194

• Please store this number in your phone.
• Send me your results after the game.
• Don’t leave it for someone else to do!
• Don’t expect the home team to do it!
• Take responsibility for your team.

I can’t believe any team doesn’t have at least 10 phones so why don’t people text in their results??????

Jon Cooper, SEMLA Fixture Secretary
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Re: SEMLA Fixtures, Promotion, Relegation etc

Postby Dom32 Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:38 pm

Quick question as this was something we had happen to us last year and I can't remember the outcome what is supposed to happen in the following situation:

Team A is supposed to play team B, team B cannot get a team out so they agree to play the reverse fixture for double points.

Team A cannot get a team out for the reverse fixture.

Does team B get double points or should it revert to one concede each or some other variation I have not thought of. Sorry if the answer to this is obvious but as I said it happened to us last year.
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Re: SEMLA Fixtures, Promotion, Relegation etc

Postby Chilli Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:43 pm

For the definitive decision try emailing Fixture Sec, Jon Cooper on
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Re: SEMLA Fixtures, Promotion, Relegation etc

Postby JC Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:50 pm

It all depends on what you agreed with your opponent

and more importantly

on what have evidence you have to support your recollection of what you agreed with your opponent.
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Re: SEMLA Fixtures, Promotion, Relegation etc

Postby jameskellam Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:56 am

It saves on hassle if you make a clear written agreement. Try using these words.

We will not claim a walkover so long as you agree to play the reverse fixture for double points.
If you can't play the reverse fixture, we will claim the points for both fixtures.
If we can't play, the points will be divided between us as though we had won the first fixture and you won the second.

Send it as an email or text and keep a copy of the reply accepting the arrangement. Send it to Jon.

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