ESPN TV 2009 NCAA Schedule

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ESPN TV 2009 NCAA Schedule

Postby UKLaxfan Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:02 pm

For those of you that follow the NCAA College game

ESPN have announced their 2009 Lacrosse coverage (45 games) :D

If you have any friends or relatives in the USA who can record the games for you these are the dates to look out for.

Full ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU Schedule
Date Time NETWORK Game
02/20/09 6:00PM ESPNU Siena at Johns Hopkins
02/21/09 1:00PM ESPNU Georgetown at Maryland

02/22/09 6:30PM (Tape) ESPNU/WMAR Towson at Loyola

02/25/09 4:00PM ESPNU/WMAR Georgetown at Maryland (Women)

02/28/09 12:00PM ESPNU Princeton at Johns Hopkins

02/28/09 2:30PM ESPNU Duke vs. Maryland

02/28/09 5:00PM ESPNU Cornell at Army

03/06/09 12:00AM (Tape) ESPNU/WMAR Princeton at UMBC

03/07/09 12:00PM ESPNU Hofstra at Johns Hopkins

03/07/09 2:00PM ESPNU Maryland at Towson

03/14/09 12:00PM ESPNU UMBC at Maryland

03/14/09 2:00PM ESPNU Duke at North Carolina

03/20/09 3:00PM ESPNU Albany at Princeton

03/21/09 2:00PM ESPNU North Carolina at Maryland

03/21/09 8:00PM ESPNU Virginia at Johns Hopkins

03/24/09 7:00PM ESPNU Hofstra at Army

03/28/09 12:00PM ESPN2 Maryland at Virginia

03/28/09 12:00PM ESPNU/WMAR Syracuse at Loyola

03/28/09 2:00PM ESPNU Johns Hopkins at North Carolina

04/04/09 12:00PM ESPNU North Carolina vs. Virginia

04/04/09 2:30PM ESPNU Syracuse vs. Princeton

04/04/09 9:00PM (Tape) ESPNU/WMAR Albany at Princeton

04/11/09 11:30AM ESPNU Army vs. Navy

04/11/09 2:00PM ESPNU Johns Hopkins vs. Maryland

04/11/09 4:00PM ESPN2 Virginia at Duke

04/11/09 10:00PM (Tape) ESPNU/WMAR Hofstra at Towson

04/17/09 7:00PM ESPNU/WMAR Northwestern at Johns Hopkins (Women)

04/18/09 2:00PM ESPNU/WMAR Navy at Johns Hopkins

04/25/09 1:00PM ESPNU/WMAR Vermont at UMBC

05/02/09 1:00PM ESPNU/WMAR Loyola at Johns Hopkins

05/09/09 12:00PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/09/09 2:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/09/09 5:00PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/09/09 7:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 12:00PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 2:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 5:00PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 7:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round

05/16/09 12:00PM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals
05/16/09 2:30PM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals
05/17/09 12:00PM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals
05/17/09 2:30PM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals

05/23/09 12:00PM ESPN2 NCAA Semifinals
05/23/09 2:00PM ESPN2 NCAA Semifinals
05/25/09 1:00PM ESPN NCAA Finals

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