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Re: League north structure

Postby LivTeamJones26 Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:18 pm

webby wrote:NB - Gaz - Newcastle have their own team Physio, orthopaedic surgeon, urologist, GP, nurse, accountant and more. :)

After the last couple games (Rochdale 16-0, Sheffield 23-1) as a club we discussed what went wrong, what we need to do and how to do it. We then go into training and work on drills to address these issues. Our problem is trying to balance training between coaching new players and coaching seasoned veterans. Finding a level that suits both is tough, and more often than not it's the more experienced players that suffer.

The players we have brought in from BUCS have improved 10fold playing against Poynton, Brooklands, Mellor, Rochdale and Sheffield than they have against other BUCS teams (apart from the top teams eg Leeds Met/Dham/Sheff/Hallam/Lboro etc).

I can see the argument about competitive games, but it depends on what you define as
"competitive" - I personally preferred playing in the above matches and getting a drubbing than playing against Liverpool last year not feeling personally challenged.

3 doctors, 1 dentist and an expert on volcanos!

I agree, playing last year against tough teams and getting smashed last season was a massive step up, but one that we tried our best to learn from, and I think our players did improve as a result (every match in the second season bar one was an improvement on the first half)

Admittedly not as rewarding as winning the league ahead of Newcastle and winning the Lancashire cup the year previously, but good none the less ;)
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Re: League north structure

Postby Phil Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:49 pm

Chilli wrote:Just a suggestion but ten years ago when SEMLA faced similar problems we tackled them with some 'revolutionary' ideas (at least in some people's eyes)

Being a fairly lazy man, I'm a big fan of using other people's leg work.. shoot me.

Chilli wrote:... we introduced the 'point for turning up' to stop some clubs racking up enough points and picking and choosing when to play after the end of January...

At first glance (and I stand to be corrected) I don't see how this could be a bad thing to bring into NEMLA. If everybody goes to all their fixtures, like they should do, then there is no benefit/disadvantage as everyone gains 1 point p/game. End of year league results would be based on the win/lose/draw point system, i.e., no different to how it is now.

Those new or 'struggling clubs', who find it tough to field a team or make away games, aren't going to get promoted anyway so it wouldn't actually change their end of season result - in real terms.

As see it the only impact this would have would be on the teams who perhaps can't be bothered to travel, not can't travel, for whatever reason: 'too far', 'too cold', 'going to lose', 'only got X men', 'don't need the points', etc, etc.

With those games not being conceded, the whole league benefits.

Chilli wrote:... and at the same time we introduced the 'ladder' system into the leagues.

This meant that the bottom half of a division played the top half of the lower division as well as the ones in their own division, the top half of the lower division therefore got experience of playing against teams who were better than them but not so much better than there was no benefit.

What's not to like about that?


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