Recommendation for updating hundreds of virtual servers

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Recommendation for updating hundreds of virtual servers

Postby victorgrant Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:09 pm

Hello all,

I've been tasked to come up with a automatic maintenance schedule for our servers.
Currently we have about 50 test servers and close to 300 production servers, of which the majority is virtual and placed over several clusters of hypervisors.
We would like to set up maintenance schedules for automatic updating for most of the servers (excluding Exchange, SQL and file servers), so they get updated more frequently.
Currently, most servers aren't updated at all, which we are fixing over the coming months.
Right now it feels like I miss a lot of customization regarding scheduled updating, and dividing it over days of the week.
The idea I had, was to install updates on the test servers one week after Patch Tuesday, and then install updated on the production servers over four days about two weeks later.
Creating a OU for the test servers is already done, and I can create a GPO which handles those servers.
But the rest of the servers are in one OU, and I like to avoid having too many GPO's, using WMI query's or security groups.
And so I was wondering how other people deal with this situation. It feels not a lot of people actually do it with larger sized environments?
Another thing that is on my mind is, how big of an issue would it be to have ~300 servers use one maintenance plan with a scheduled install time of some day/time, with the random offset time in mind.
This is of course with all servers up to date, once we start using automatic updating.
Hope to get some insight and ideas from this.
Thanks in advance.

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