Need help with CompactFlash card

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Need help with CompactFlash card

Postby JoeClark Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:00 pm

I have the Canon EOS 30D Camera I can't get it to work it shows error CF every time I turn it on. I can put an old card in and it will work but it's really old card 256MB it's like one of the first cards I bought for my camera. I bought new card with more MB and when I try and use it will say error CF. so would it be something wrong with my camera or just the card ? Any help as what I could maybe try to get the new card to work. I have tried taken lens off battery out and letting is set over night then put full charged battery back in with new card and turn it on and same thing. error CF but put the really old card in and it will work. I'm confused as why it takes the old card and not the new one. I need more MB I hope someone can tell me my problem. Thanks

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