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Goalie CP

Postby comet36 Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:35 pm

Hi everyone,

I've seen a few cp threads on here but they don't cover a couple of the designs I'm looking at. I've been playing a few years and I'm looking to upgrade my chest pad, currently have an inexpensive, uncomfortable one. I've been looking on forums and website reviews and can't get a definitive answer.

I think I've got a shortlist of Brine Eraser 2, Easton Stealth or maybe even the Maverik Fox. Heard good things about all 3. Wondering about the protection on the Eraser 2 or Fox, and mobility of the Stealth. Has anyone got any first hand experience of these? Know it will be quite a personal thing for each goalie but any help would be appreciated.

Finally, I know people also rave about the Cell 2 but is it really worth the extra £50??? Those shoulder straps/pads look pretty bulky and restrictive (for the record getting hit in the shoulder doesn't bother me).

Thanks for your time :)
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Re: Goalie CP

Postby calbug Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:47 pm

Sorry to throw something else into the mix, but I used a Warrior Lockdown pad (not guard) last season and it was OK, perhaps rode up a little and got fouled up on the throat guard, but didn't get hurt which is kind of the point eh.

Now gone to the other end of the scale & using Buzzkill guard for this season...look like a cylon, but amazingly flexible and you can pop the shoulders off on it (that said I'm used to a hockey guard, so anything is light & flexible compared to those days!)

I've used Easton pads before (not for lax) and liked their stuff but can't help with any of those you mentioned, sorry!

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