Lacrosse & London 2012

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Re: Lacrosse & London 2012

Postby gazmanofhull Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:59 pm

I think IOC recognition is a worthwhile goal. Olympic inclusion is chasing a dream that will never happen. The single international body and now over 40 member nations does tick two major boxes for the FIL. But I doubt Lacrosse will EVER be in the Olympics in the lifetime of anyone using this site.

You are right though Harry about the IOC trying to reduce the cost of hosting the games. London 2012 will be hosting less sports than Beijing 2008 & Rio 2016. And again, there are sports whose continued involvement appears pointless - football, tennis and rugby - for all of whom the Olympics is not the pinnacle of the game! If you remove other 'undeserving' sports from the list of possible entrants who are still left with squash and a host of martial arts, who all want to be involved before you get to lacrosse which isn't even on the list yet!

Back to my original post. Is there not value in hosting a tournament close to the London games in a bid to promote the sport. London will be the sporting Mecca next year - the World Squash Championships are in London a month or so before the games and I believe the London leg of the World Rugby Sevens Series has been moved closer to London 2012 - so surely lacrosse should be getting in on the action!
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Re: Lacrosse & London 2012

Postby Dining Room Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:12 am

It's Europen Championship next summer.
Don't fancy the Ozzies, NZ, Canada and US teams coming back to blightly twice in two summers
Why not focus on getting the little things right - like getting teams out and a proven development programme at our clubs then surely the big stuff will happen as a consequence!
I was once part of the winning Pop Lacrosse team that defeated Wigan in the 1992 Greater Manchester Youth Games.

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