My PC is not Shutdown

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My PC is not Shutdown

Postby rolandbaker Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:03 am

Hello, i just recently bought a new case, a new CPU cooler and a new SSD for my PC. after swapping all of my components over to my new case my PC booted fine and everything was as per usual. then i decided to get back in there a tidy up all of my cabling and such. since doing this, my PC will boot up fine and operate well, but then when i go to shutdown, windows displays the shutting down message page and then i lose the signal to my monitors but the PC will not turn off, all the fans remain running and LEDs all stay on. and even when i hold down the power button on the front of my PC it makes no difference i am at a complete loss as to what would cause this please help!

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