What is going on with this game?

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What is going on with this game?

Postby JoeClark Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:42 am

no one coming to help for tower dives not one kill made. waere they intentionally feeding the other team? or what - my friend went through this same thing last night and quit, im not far behind.

i know others who see this and they wont touch this game. whatever happened here, bad players, smurfs, feeding whatever. beside the draft nonesense. everything in this game is getting so old and killing any fun anymore.

I dont understand. is this the way they really want the game to become? any small advantage makes the other team unstoppable?

yea i think this is my last day, prolly play a few more but I want to thank all the people who I met in game, here and reddit that helped me along the way but there is no fun in dealing with all this crap daily anymore. and it just keeps getting worse with no fix in sight anytime soon.
Thanks !

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