RNG boxes and old textures

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RNG boxes and old textures

Postby JoeClark Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:39 am

Would like to make a point and try to understand Epic's politics about skins in these days, hope i can find clarification from them (doubt it oink oink) or some ideas from the comunity.

First thing is about RNG boxes and crates, and rewards and everything in this game that is going more and more towards randomness.
I can understand they want to use RNG boxes because they bring more money in their pokets, or at least seems like it if they keep it. So i "can" understand they want to keep this system for like skins, banners and emotions, i totally dont like this politic and i will not pay 1 single cent to RNG boxes, but i see they may have better income of money. My problem comes when they use RNG even for free stuff that they dont get money for (cards, monthly vault etc)...if you dont get money from it what's your problem of giving the stuff people want when they want, instead of let them hope to get something good? Also there is no reward in farming 90 stars to get something random, would be MUCH more satisfing and a better game experience if you give like weakly goal (eg. every 1000 minions you get this specific item that you dont have to roll random boxes for, just this item and no other fking item in the game, if you want the item you need to play and this way you are giving players goals with EXACT rewards (like mmorpg quests more or less). As for the card shop...why dont you used a shop where people can buy the EXACT card they want for rep/coins? What is the need to make RNG even on cards? Is not fun, is not eficient, makes you game expirience slower because you cant get the cards you need..."they made card craft"...shure they did, but for a new player card crafting is useless...if i create a new acc i want to be able to get the cards i need maybe using the rep i get from matches...the situation now is more do matches, buy packet cards, dismantel cards, craft 1 card every 10 matches, do other matches, buy other packs, craft another smooth system right? easy to understand for new players and very efficient...not really
Thanks !

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