Health of the community and Paragon itself

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Health of the community and Paragon itself

Postby JoeClark Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:38 am

This community's current state is of paramount concern. The amount of toxicity and people making smurf accounts to intentionally sabotage their own team by picking characters for inappropriate roles is getting me to the point of tracking these people down and tar and feathering them. No one cares to learn new roles or no one cares to even let other people play roles they're good at. And it's sad, because I've put in a lot of hours into this game and it feels like I'm wasting my f**k time playing with degenerates who should be shot by a firing squad. Please Epic, do SOMETHING. Your reporting system never f**k works (especially the mismatching) and people get away with talking **** in game and then get other people reported and banned. Please, give me a f**k reason why I should still play this game?
Thanks !

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