Topspin against heavy backspin

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Topspin against heavy backspin

Postby rolandbaker Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:52 am

I took a look on your multiball course and have been practicing with multiball. The main thing I practice is topspin against block or backspin. My question is that my father also plays table tennis and whenever I hit a topspin he returns it with a chop and the backspin is very heavy , I just cant return it back , as soon as I hit it , it goes into the net. In multiball , in the topspin against backspin the backspin isn't very heavy and I can just return it effectively but with heavy backspin I can't. Is there any way to practice topspin against heavy backspin or chop through multiball? Please tell me if there is. Thank You

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