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Dartfish - Video Analysis Software

Postby dblacklock Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:38 pm

I am curretnly evaluating various Video Analysis software packages to be able to break game footage down. My primary fucntion will be for officiating. There seems to be a proliferation of produsct out there. Currently looking at Sporttec and Dartfish. Niether are cheap. I wonder if anyone has any experience with these sorts of products and if they have an idea as to what works best. Any other recomendations would be most welcomed.
Don Blacklock
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Re: Dartfish - Video Analysis Software

Postby woldham Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:27 pm

My diss has been in performance analysis in lax and my masters next year is performance analysis of sport so I've got experience using both dartfish and sportstec software. It's largely dependent upon what you're trying to get out of the software at the end which decides which software to use, a company called NACSport have far more affordable software ($150 per license for the basic package) which is essentially a watered down version of a lot of the sportstec software with all the same productivity and ease of use, just a couple of features missing and it doesn't have the sportstec branding to rocket the price up.

I'm currently working with england women's squad ahead of their european champs campaign so it'd be interesting to hear what you're up to and what you're looking to do in the future. Drop me an email -

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