New/Different Team Handling Drills

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New/Different Team Handling Drills

Postby DommoBath Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:46 pm

Hi all,

Always looking at ways to improve the handling of our team and especially freshers. However, line drills can get very stale, and although effective to a point I would argue that they are very unrepresentative of how you pass/catch and move in a game situation.

Has anyone got any good variations? I already try to mix up line drills with triangle/four corner and star drills bit these are very much variations on a theme!

Any tips would obviously be much appreicated!

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Postby Sour37 Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:15 pm

5 point star drill 5 balls

ketts special
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Postby eww Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:40 pm

Sour37 wrote:5 point star drill 5 balls

ketts special

haha "five balls", thats intense!!

"Three Man Joes" .. have them line up opposite each other with one guy in the middle .. well spaced out, two balls. Start with all right hand. Man in the middle runs up to one of the wings. catches it on the run passes it on the run. turns but not in a C and runs to the other guy catches, passes it back. Then do same with ground balls: picks it up passes it off . turns etc.. over the shoulder with one ball passes it to the wing, turns, receives it over the shoulder (:

when i say spaced out not like other ends of the pitch but like nicely spaced say 20 metres or something
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Postby Whitey Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:03 pm

Here's a nice start to a session, an amended and more enjoyable version of 'keep-ball'...

Say you have 2 teams of 6 people. (you can change this number as you like, i've run it with 2 teams of 10 people and it works just fine) Try and put bibs on 1 of the teams if possible.

Mark an area about the size of a basketball court, and put cones down the middle spliting the area into 2. You have team 'A' in one half of the court and team 'B' in the other.

Team 'A' starts with the ball and makes 5 passes in their area, once they have done this a member of Team 'B' enters Team 'A's area and tries to get the ball. Team 'B' are aiming to get the ball and get it into their half of the court back to the rest of Team 'B'.

Team 'A' continue to make passes, once they have made 5 more passes, another member of Team 'B' enters the area. This creates a 6-on-2 keep-ball situation.

Team 'A' continue to make passes, once they have made 5 more passes, another member of Team 'B' enters the area. This creates a 6-on-3 keep-ball situation.

Once a member of Team 'B' gets the ball, they can pass, kick, goose the ball back to their area and the game continues but with Team 'B' making the passes and Team 'A' doing the chasing.

It's a fun drill, hard work, more game realistic than boring line drills, good team-working, good for agility training, performing under pressure, sometimes you even have to face-dodge then pass... very advanced for a simple drill.
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Postby Dining Room Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:07 pm

Scanning Drill

set up like a line drill however you always go back to the same line. cut to ball, pass it opposite, return to back of the line.

Players need to be encouraged to call for the ball VERY early.The drill encourages anticipation of the next pass.

Ball in flight - hear the call - find the man - catch the ball - find the man again - pass it off
Hence 'scanning' drill. Dead easy, but requires more concentration than a simple line drill as players need to be aware of the above process.

Focus is on the quality of the pass and quick release of the ball.

Good warm up drill -gets the legs moving. For more advanced players encourage the cutter to change split left or right so the catcher really has to 'scan' the field twice.
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