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Advice for new goalkeeper

Postby rolandbaker Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:25 am

Ive now played two games in goal, first game was great fun, despite losing, the second game was not so much. My belief is that in the first game having never played in goal before when ever i saved the ball i felt a sense of achievement and relief then in the second game i went into it thinking i was going to do as well as i did first time round. Fact is I didnt. Conceeded one through the legs (easy lesson there, keep my legs together!) and was ouit of position quite a lot so was unable to get across to the ball quick enough.

Enough waffle, My thoughts and those of people i spoke to after the game were that ive got the instintive shot stopping fine and its just fine tuning position and balance that needs work. Comment of the day was "you didnt look out of place or like a novice" which made me feel a bit better.

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