Results: 28th November

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Results: 28th November

Postby Tree13 Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:05 pm

Brighton 2s v Reading

Score...... we aren't sure.

Brighton's freshers emerged from their igloos to make the journey to Reading, hoping to build on the first team's comprehensive victory last week. However, an outbreak of epic disorganisation saw players dropping out on the eve of the game, only to make themselves available and then subsequently drop out again. The finest example being one player, who shall remain nameless, named in the squad six days beforehand, who answered his phone with the words "do you need me?" - Yes you asshat, we do - that's what it means when you're selected. That's why we're calling you to find out why you aren't here yet. Good grief.

Anyway. Having finally found 13 players, the freshers then discovered that the minibus only had 12 seats.... with the only spare drivers having gone as passengers with the firsts, the vice-captain began inventing several new swear words. And so the dirty dozen departed Denton Road and spirits were soon boosted by the revelation that someone had packed Volumes Two, Three and Five of the Glee soundtrack. Captain Joe Slade's rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" was particularly well-received, and the ensemble performance of "True Colours" was the highlight of this writer's day.

The first quarter saw Brighton surge to an early lead, with snappy passing and decisive movement yielding three goals. Debutant Sophie Banks featured prominently in the early exchanges, making some tough catches in traffic and scoring with two excellent finishes. However it was not all one-way traffic and two fast breaks saw Reading open their account. Quarter score: 3 - 2 Brighton, with the best goal being scored by fresher Julez Heiksson cutting in from the left and beating the keeper with his weaker hand, off stick-side high.

The second quarter saw Reading raise their game substantially and start to exploit the lack of experience in the Brighton midfield. A change of personnel saw the hosts win the draw over and over, and some clever interplay between the Reading middies created several overlap situations. Brighton's Sarah "Spartacus" Pattison did her best to stem the tide, marshalling the defence superbly - she went to a posh school so she's played before - but poor marking by several of her team mates allowed Reading to claw back three goals. Brighton managed a solitary reply through Kieran Balmer, who trundled into the unfamiliar territory of the opposition fan and rose from his wheelchair to unleash a ferocious effort between the keeper's legs. Half time score 5 - 4 Reading.

The third quarter started with Brighton changing things around in midfield, Tom Beechinor dropping deeper and Balmer replacing Slade at centre. As a consequence, Brighton nullified Reading's earlier advantage at the draw and enjoyed increased possession. This was probably Brighton's best period, and as Reading's defence began focussing on Banks and Slade, freshers Amie Jupp, Valerie Hedges, Emily Pike and Kayleigh Upward all found that they had more time and space than in the first half. As their confidence grew, the four girls began to string several passes together to create openings for Banks and Beechinor, who scored three goals between them. Beechinor also saw an effort ricochet off the keeper's lid and Banks hit both posts in quick succession. There was some confusion about whether Reading scored once or twice in this quarter and to add to the confusion the referee was adamant that the score was 6 - 6 at the interval. The Brighton sideline (Kayleigh's dad) was equally certain that it was 7 - 6 to the visitors.

The final quarter saw Reading counter Balmer at the draw and score two quick goals. Slade came back in at centre and the momentum swung back towards Brighton. Despite the close attention of Reading's largest male defender, Sophie Banks weighed in with two more goals; it was disappointing to see her take a bodycheck as she scored the first one, but she earned respect from both teams by simply getting up, trotting back into position and scoring the second just moments later. At the final whistle players on both sides celebrated, thinking they had won. Adding to the confusion were other players on both sides commending their opposite numbers on a hard-fought draw. After conferring with the scorer on the sideline, the referee announced that Reading were the victors with a score of 9 - 7. This was immediately queried by Banks, Slade and Balmer, all of whom believed the score to be 9 - 8 to Brighton, and listed the nine goalscorers to the referee. The Reading captain expressed a belief that the score was 8 - 8 and a couple of the other Reading players stated that they thought it was 9 - 9. I believe that the captains finally agreed to call it a 9 - 9 draw, but don't quote me on that. What is sure it that it was a close game between two tactically very different teams, with some good lacrosse played on both sides.

Brighton scorers:
Banks - 5
Beechinor - 2
Heiksson - 1
Balmer - 1

MVP - Sophie Banks
DoD - Joe Slade
Most Improved - Julez Heiksson
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Re: Results: 28th November

Postby Knight22 Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:55 pm

Brighton 23 Southampton Uni 4.
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Re: Results: 28th November

Postby Beech Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:43 am

Why does the league website now say that Reading won against the Brighton Panthers 9-8? This needs to be corrected :?

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