Results: 24th October

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Results: 24th October

Postby Tree13 Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:46 am

Brighton 11 v 3 Cambridge

Both teams started at a frenetic pace and whilst Brighton dominated the possession in the early stages, it was end-to-end stuff for most of the first quarter. Brighton finished the first period leading by two, but there wasn't much in it. The second quarter however saw Brighton starve Cambridge of the ball and some slick passing saw the hosts extend their lead to 5 - 0, whilst Cambridge only managed to create two shooting opportunities.

Half time saw both teams cycle through their subs, bringing on fresh legs and attempting to alter tactics. Cambridge came back strongly, with two well-worked moves finally unlocking Brighton's defence, but the pace, experience and deft stick-handling of Brighton's attack yielded three more goals to close out the quarter 8 - 2. The final period of play resembled the first, end-to-end play of a pretty high intensity; Cambridge poured forward in numbers and scored again, but Brighton kept rolling subs on in both defence and midfield to prevent fatigue, and precision passing in counter-attack saw three more Brighton goals. Final score 11 - 3.

A great game played in good spirits; many thanks to Cambridge for making the long journey down and joining us in the pub afterwards, and a big thank you to the ref for a commendable display of intelligent officiating.
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Re: Results: 24th October

Postby Ash Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:15 pm

Reading beat Oxford 8-3 which was a pretty big result.

I'm told Northampton beat soton uni 27 - 3.
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