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WLA Consultation - Leagues and Tournements

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:02 pm
by VOD

In my capacity as Welsh Club Liason Officer for the WLA I have been asked to consult you all to see what Tournements and Leagues you want/require.

The WLA currently offers some Leagues and Tournements but they are not well supported. It is also generaly accepted that all clubs are playing in SEMLA or BUCS however the WLA needs to provided Leagues and Tournements as part of its development strategy, this applies to Mens, Mixed and Womens.

Any susgestions are welcome and will be discussed with the WLA.

Suggestions so far are Beach Tournements, Box Leagues or Eight Leagues.

I need you input and you to show your support for these ideas, no idea is a bad idea!

Please reply to this thread and I'll take it to the next WLA Development Meeting.

Many Thanks