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Display errors fixed

Postby mandy Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:28 am

Ok I know I've been piss poor at updating forums since I changed it massively at the beginning of the season, but I spent a bit of time tonight trying to fix the issues with non-displaying nav bars (FF2) - front page being an eyesore (IE6), a couple of other little alignment issues (IE7, IE6, FF2)etc.., and I think I've got them all (or at least the main ones)

With about 7.5% of our users on FF2 and 14% on IE6 thats a hell of a lot of you - Sorry guys!

Sorry it's taken me so long (been setting up an SVN for the code, trying to get a local copy working etc.. etc...), but now I think everyone can see the site as it was meant to be!

ps I will try to get some of the others issues fixed asap now too
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